Random Stars


Random Stars allows users to generate star systems for use in role-playing games or casual perusal.  The user may elect to generate all kinds of star systems, only those with life present, or only those which harbor intelligent life.  Survey reports on the systems will describe the planets and moons present (if any), as well as any life that might be present.  Intelligent life will be described in some detail, with general notes on the physical form of the species, social structure, technological level, etc.

The science in the app is non-trivial, but not rigorous.  In the interest of producing systems that might be more interesting for role-playing gamers, or fans of space opera science fiction, life is plentiful and sometimes a little silly.  (E.g. "Vacuum-dwelling potassium-based hive mind flightless avians in a feudal society with fusion-level technology.")

System descriptions are in text.  There are no animated representations of planets or systems, no pictures of weird aliens, no videos of any kind.  On the plus side, there are a couple of great photos from NASA, the European Space Agency, and the Hubble team.  (Tap them in the credits, those images are amazing, and you should see the rest of the collection.)  System descriptions may be exported in PDF form, and imported to the user's computer by iTunes file sharing, or copied as text for pasting into e-mail or other apps.

Photo courtesy: NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team (CTSci/AURA)

  1. Create innumerable solar systems

  1. Main sequence, giant, supergiant, and dwarf stars

  1. Single stars, binary and trinary systems

  1. Find life, and intelligence!

  1. Examine survey reports for systems of interest

  1. Save your favorites

  1. Export to PDF, or copy as text

  1. Use in role playing games, or just to explore the cosmos from your couch

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